Want to get away for a while? You’ve come to the right place. Texas Motorcycle Adventures, LLC is a full-service motorcycle rental company and we rent to riders from all over the world.  We specialize in weekend and week-long motorcycle vacations and make it easy for you to rent a bike and ride the best parts of the state.

Our top priority is to make your motorcycle rental adventure a safe and pleasant experience. We have great roads in the Lone Star State. Texas is consistently ranked as one of the best motorcycling areas in North America, as our roads wind through rolling hill country, piney woods, wide open prairies, mountain passes, and over 350 miles of coastline.

You can easily find us in downtown New Braunfels, Texas, an historic German town centrally located between the Austin and San Antonio airports. We are also in the perfect location to deliver bikes to our clients in these areas and within the Texas hill country. If you are in town or coming to town and don’t have transportation, ask us how we can provide a shuttle or bike delivery service.

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